Base2 Bracelets™

Use these counting bracelets for row counters for crochet or knitting, keeping score, counting Weight Watchers points, tracking your shopping bill, etc. See the FAQ for how to use the Base2 Bracelets™ and Base2 Markers™.

Training Bracelets

If you're not sure you can count in binary (base2), then you'll want to get a training bracelet and give it a try. These bracelets are numbered on the flip side so that you can easily count from 1 to 63.

Counting Bracelets

You can stealthily count up to 255 with these (usually unnumbered) counting bracelets.

Counting Bracelets For Money

These counting bracelets have an extra 2 counters on them for "counting in quarters", allowing you to count up to $255.75 for more accuracy during shopping trips. Alternatively, you can count up to $1,023 if you round to the nearest dollar, or count 1,023 rows, points, etc.


Counting Bracelet & Stitch Markers

Individual Base2 Bracelets™, or sets combining a Base2 Bracelet™ with matching Base2 Markers™.

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