"Calliope lay back on the forest floor and watched through the leaves as the moon chased the sun. The moon kissed the sun's edge and began to creep over her, turning black. It was time. Calliope gently closed her eyes, and prepared her mind for its upcoming journey in the Dreamworld, an otherworldly journey where she would become the eclipse...."

About Eclipse of Dreams

Eclipse of Dreams is a collaborative effort between mother-daughter team Criss Ittermann and Una Parodi.

Criss Ittermann - Owner, Admin & Adventurer of Eclectic Tech LLC

Criss has been a geek all her life, runs Eclectic Tech LLC, a graphic design & business coaching company, and does crochet as a mindfulness meditation. After inventing the Base2 Bracelet™, she came up with the idea to create Eclipse of Dreams, the jewelry division of Eclectic Tech LLC, and have her son manage it.

Tevin Parodi - Eclipse of Dreams Forge Director

Tevin Parodi has been a jewelry designer and artist for years, and is now learning to run a business under the tutelage of his mother.


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All payment for Eclipse of Dreams products are processed through our parent company, Eclectic Tech, LLC.

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